Kate Heath Piano lessons in London and online

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What to expect

Your lessons will help you to gain:

  • a strong, solid piano playing technique
  • depth, subtlety and nuance in your playing
  • the opportunity to acquire new repertoire
  • an enhanced appreciation of music
  • development of your skills as a musician.

    My teaching will enable you to heighten your musicality.

My piano lessons are designed for:

  • Beginners of any age.
  • Intermediate pianists.
  • Advanced pianists wanting to take piano exams or performance diplomas.
  • Group lessons.
  • Special 'Parent and Child' lessons. More details below.

New Projects

Friends or colleagues might be surprised when they hear that you are learning the piano!

Comments are often something like: “ how's it going?  Are you any good” or "play us something!" With this in mind, one of my teaching projects with students is to make recordings of their piano playing which captures their progress. Recordings can then be shared with friends and family. 

What to do next

You are invited to book an online consultation. We will discuss what you would like to achieve, and I will offer guidance. The consultation will last for about an hour, email to book your first consultation lesson.

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Lessons. Zoom

Combined Parent, Grandparent and Child lessons.

If you are a mother, father or grandparent, you might want to develop your own keyboard skills and learn to play as your child/grandchild learns.

Active involvement in a child’s musical learning is phenomenally encouraging and can create bonds that last a lifetime!

The current climate of social distancing makes ordinary family connections very difficult. Playing music together can deepen family relationships and help enormously in reducing the unfortunate psychological effects of disconnection and isolation. *

These lessons on Zoom are individually tailored to the needs of each child and adult student.

In the photo I am top right, you can also see Grandad, a bit of Grandma, grandchildren and a striped arm of mum who ducked out of the photo!

I give help and advice on the practical set up for the lessons.

* Music Therapy

I am a qualified Music Therapist. If you feel that Music Therapy is something that may be able to help you, please get in touch for a consultation.

About me

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